Saturday, February 27, 2016

8 months old!

This past week we have seen miracles happen for our sweet little Mason. A month ago Mason was still having spasms and his EEG showed no improvement. Dr. Moosa increased Mason's Sabril dosage to the max amount for his weight and age at this point.  Last week Mason had been on the max dosage for 4 weeks and was still having spasms (although they had reduced a lot).  The max dosage of Sabril knocked Mason out.  For 4 weeks straight he slept about 22 hours a day.  He would wake up when it was time to eat and then fall back asleep right when we started feeding him. He even slept through therapy:

He woke up so I started taking pictures. then within 10 seconds he was back asleep. haha.

I kind of think he looks like Chris Soules in this pic. See any resemblance?

Dr. Moosa didn't like that the Sabril made Mason so sleepy so he decreased his dosage last Wednesday a little bit. After a few days of the dosage change Mason smiled and laughed!!!!!!!!!!! He hasn't smiled in 4 long months!  He also started sucking on his hands again and batting at toys.  Although the dosage is lower he hasn't had any spasms either.  This is HUGE progress! We meet with Dr. Moosa on Thursday and he might want to do another EEG to see if it's improved at all. We are so excited for this progress! Go Mason! What's cool is that Casey's parents have been visiting us and they've gotten to see all of these awesome changes in Mason too! 

Mason and Holland kind of have the same look going on. 

Love these sweet kids.

Mason is a little worried...

Happy 8 months sweet boy, we love you so much and we're so excited to see what next month brings! 


Rachel said...

Oh Lindsey! That's such great news! And goodness, Mason is a gorgeous little guy.

Bryant & Kathie Hatch said...

Hugs and kisses😘

Becky Jackson said...

That video is so cute and the pictures are darling too. So happy to hear the good news. I'll take Mason over Chris any day. Haha! Mason is way cuter!

Chris and Jessie said...

So happy to hear of his great improvements! Y'all are such a sweet family!